Saturday, December 6, 2014

DAY ???  ??????? DAYS TO GO   (December 6, 2014)

I walked today!  For those of you who read my walk-a-blog you know it’s been a little while since I last wrote.  Actually, it’s been almost four years.  There are lots of reasons I haven’t been keeping up with the blog that I'm sure I will eventually write about.  Instead, I'm going to start with the lists I’ve been writing in my head about why I need to walk and write:
  • I know it makes me feel better when I walk and write
  • We have a gigantic puppy that needs the exercise
  • If I walk the puppy, I won't have to pick up gigantic messes in the yard when I finally realize even the puppy doesn't have anywhere to walk without stepping in poop
  • Walking in December may seem like a crazy time to restart, but it will be fun to see the Christmas lights on my neighbors houses and it will be a much needed stress reliever
  • Hopefully it will help my slightly high blood sugars and cholesterol 

Tobie and I walked a mile.  It was fun to see the Christmas lights and it was nice to have a slightly mellow puppy once we got home.  I realized as I walked that when I did the walk-a-blog before it was with our dog, Coalie.  He died in 2012.  Not having him for a walking partner and missing him like crazy was partly why I stopped walking and blogging.  Willie Magoo, our bulldog, is up for walking one or maybe even two blocks, but then he gives me his famous stink eye and refuses to move.  His kind of walks are really too short to have any meditative benefits.

Yesterday was a bad day with Tobie.  It started out hopeful with a dog trainer meeting at our house.  We got Tobie in May (after a relentless campaign from Abby on why we needed to “rescue” him from the pet store).  I wasn’t ready for a puppy and I haven’t had (made) the time to work with him.  The trainer worked with him for a couple of minutes and I could see progress.  He reminded me of lots of things I already knew – like how Chocolate labs need lots of exercise, how they need a purpose, and that they can be very destructive if they don’t get what they need.  After the trainer left, Tobie did his best to prove the trainer right.  First he broke out of the yard by breaking the lattice on top of the brick wall.  Luckily, I found him in the alley eating chicken bones from the neighbor’s trash and thankfully not choking on the bones.  He spent the evening chasing the cats through the house, scattering the area rugs as he ran, and chewing on the ornaments he managed to grab off the Christmas tree.  The most alarming thing was hearing a loud crash in the laundry room/mudroom.  I’m not sure how he did it, but he managed to pull the floor to ceiling shelves off of the wall.  I sent him to bed early with his blankie and a boot of Abby’s except I didn’t see the half eaten boot until he got up the next morning.  At that point, I made 3 decisions.  One, I am definitely sending him to bad doggie booty camp (as Greg calls it).  Two, I am going to remodel the mudroom with Tannan’s help (I’m actually really excited about the shelves falling off the wall now).  Three, Tobie and I are going to walk every day.


  1. Are you sure you didn't tie his leash to the shelves and hold a steak from Elways, medium rare, at the top of the stairs just so you can work with Tanan again? Yiu could have just hired him and taken the shelves down un a more conventional manner. Love the blog. Love you!!!

  2. That would have been a great idea if I had thought of it lol. I might have to use that method in another area of the house. Love you and your humor!